I design video games.

Having been in the industry for over three years now, I've had the opportunity to work on games of all different genres and styles.

As long as I can remember, I've held a passion for games and how they work. I'm fortunate that my job is also one of the things I love to do in my spare time.

The individual pages on this site should provide you with a look at the specific skills I've developed and honed for some of the more high profile projects I've worked on. I relish the process of taking a game from idea to finished product and have found that by applying my own out-of-the-box approach to problem solving, switching hats along the way as necessary, and approaching projects with an infectious enthusiasm, I've had a positive impact on every one of the projects I've touched.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to:


Contact me at jjohnstongames@gmail.com