Clone Wars Attack Cruiser

Attack Cruiser is a top down shooter set in the orbit of three different planets in the Star Wars universe. Players can take on waves of enemy ships by themselves, or team up with a friend in co-op mode. My role was to direct enemy flight patterns, orchestrate waves, and create new player abilities including weapon upgrades and the power-ups for special weapons.

When I was assigned to the project I was placed in charge of two of the three campaigns: "The Outer Rim" and "Coruscant." I worked directly with the programmers to determine what I would need to make the enemies behave the way we envisioned, including when enemies and power-ups spawned, where they went, how they reacted to the player's choices, and what happened when they were destroyed. I scripted all of the AI patterns and logic for both campaigns.

Because "The Outer Rim" was the first level in the game, SOE requested we use it as a tutorial. I wrote and then implemented the dialogue that voice actors from the Clone Wars television show would use to instruct players step by step as they learned how to move, shoot, recognize power-ups, and use special weapons.

Once all of the levels and wave orders were finalized, my last order of business was to balance the game difficulty for multiple challenge modes on all three planets. This included a speed attack and score attack for one or two players, and an extended version of "The Outer Rim" that skipped the tutorial and added new waves to compensate.