Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is the first iOS title that BBE developed, and the first title I was credited on as the only designer. Created in the Unity Engine and published by Black Box Interactive, Dude Perfect is a licensed title based on a group that has earned youtube success by posting videos of basketball trick shots. It's a unique basketball game that presents players with a hoop and awards them points based on the obstacles they hit as they sink the shot.

From the very beginning of the project, I was in charge of shaping the way that Dude Perfect plays, looks, and controls. With the help of programmers, I fine-tuned the basketball's physics and the way the different obstacles interacted with it, and defined how the various characters worked when it came to their individual abilities. I also took charge of the design for our level editor, providing the programmers with a list of necessary features and their order of their priority. I then worked closely with the art department on the shapes that the different level elements prefabs would use in order to achieve the best possible results when bouncing the basketball off of them. When the visuals were completed, I provided collision and applied sounds to almost every object in the final version, and added physics to the dynamic objects that needed them.

When the prefabs were done, I designed and tuned the difficulty for the vast majority of the levels in the game. The Dude Perfect team had a few requests, and I worked with them to incorporate the changes, including adding super long shots (which they are known for) as well as others modeled directly on what can be seen in their videos.

Because Dude Perfect had such a small team I also had the opportunity to wear an assortment of other hats as miscellaneous items came up that required attention. I created a few small pieces of art, designed all of the achievements, and modified or added some of the javascript-based scripts that the game uses.