Traxxas: Short Course Shootout

Traxxas: Short Course Shootout is a licensed iOS racing game that BBE developed for Black Box Interactive. The project was to take an already fully featured and proven iOS engine and use new assets and tracks to create an iOS game with a short development cycle. We licensed the 2XL engine and developed four courses based on real world locations, with four different types of vehicle classes to race through them. The game was completed in 7 weeks.

To develop the physics the designers worked as a team, each creating a unique feel for the different vehicle types in the game. The trucks and buggies leveled up as the player raced, and I was put in charge of determining which equipment we would award to players and when.

Because the engine upgrades make the vehicles faster, we created different difficulty levels of AI that would continue to challenge the player as they enhanced their own speed.

Working with artists and 2XL's track editor, I was in charge of placing the collision around the edge of the course, identifying any issues with track layout, and creating the starting positions and gates that the AI would use as the players race around the track.