Portal 2 Custom Maps

Portal 2 is one of my all-time favorite games, and immediately after playing it I couldn't help but begin brainstorming my own puzzle ideas. When the mapping community posted a contest to submit user created levels, it motivated me to try my hand at transferring those puzzles from my head into the editor. In my free time, I learned the basics of Hammer, including how to create level geometry, connect the pieces of puzzles, and set up the logic to control the environment when players accomplish their goal. As I go through the process of learning the tools and how the game works, I frequently come up with more ideas and ways in which I can accomplish them.

In addition, I have expanded on my previous puzzles, realizing new ways to improve the player experience or better match Portal 2's feel by making changes to of the rooms I have already created. Since its creation, my down-time has often had me returning to my level, and I am currently working on my third puzzle.