A large portion of my job as a designer involves writing and documentation. Pitching, planning, and design all revolve around my way with words, and during my time at BBE I contributed something in writing to almost every major project they worked on.

Each game required its own design document detailing features, controls, lore, and in some cases integration into MMO systems. During the later stages of development we also often needed breakdowns that covered specific features or changes in detail (for publisher approval) as well as documentation to help QA test our games.

Additionally, while I was at BBE, I was frequently asked to write the pitches that would ultimately be sent to our agents and presented to major players in the industry. A few of these potential projects were my own original ideas, but most were collaborative efforts based on specific IP requested by a publisher. My primary task then was to take someone else's vision and to infuse my own, adding my unique spin and enthusiasm into the project to create something that lights a creative spark in the reader.

I have been granted permission by BBE to post samples from two documents that I wrote during my time there. The first is from a proposal for Small Town, a casual MMO revolving around housing, fashion, and player interaction. The second is from Space Mountain, which was a pitch for a first-person team-based strategy game in which one team builds up a fort and the other team attempts to knock it down, then infiltrate.